NAVITEL® offers world leading expertise on automotive electronics market. Branded GPS navigators, portable digital cameras, tablets, and combo devices stand for affordable quality. NAVITEL® develops modern navigation software and cartography as well as complex monitoring systems. Navitel Navigator programme presents precise multi-platform multilingual navigation for travels all over the world. Navitel Monitoring allows performing various monitoring-related operations in real time.

17 April 2019 NAVITEL® releases the Q1 2019 update for the maps of the Middle East, South Caucasus and Asia

Updated Q1 2019 maps for 11 countries of the Middle East, South Caucasus and Asia are now available to the Navitel Navigator users.

11 April 2019 NAVITEL® releases Q1 2019 maps update for Europe

Europe Q1 2019 maps are now available to the users of Navitel Navigator.

5 April 2019 Navitel Navigator software update ensures GPS glitch protection

NAVITEL® warns the users of Navitel Navigator to timely update the software before the global disruption of the GPS, which will take place on the night of April 6, 2019.

2 April 2019 Spring discounts on maps of Europe by NAVITEL®

Real bargain for navigation maps of Europe – 50% off!

21 March 2019 Software update for NAVITEL® GPS navigators on Linux

NAVITEL® releases an update of Navitel Navigator 9.10 software for devices running on Linux.

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